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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A letter from one who understands...

Dear hurt ones,

I ache for you, and have also experienced this awful pain. The confusion is difficult to bear. You have had the waters of truth muddled, been forced to drink the undrinkable and now alone, sick and weak you wonder who can you trust. Only Jesus will not fail you.

If you are able, here are some links to save on your computer. They have helped me, and very little helped in the beginning. At first only the prayers of kind believers and the gospels on audio links eased my heartache. Then the Psalms, months later. Some of the teachings by Joe Focht of, the voice of the martyrs newsletter, and  They are safe and scriptural...still, thank The Lord.  But don't fret if you are unable to do much, wounds heal -  some slow, some fast. But always the scars are there to remind us of our torture and our healing. God comforts the cast down ones. He will never leave you or forsake you.

Also be sure of this, that the destruction of your life by the leaders of Calvary Temple is not of God-but is the work of the devil, who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Forgive them, though, so your Heavenly Father will forgive you if you have committed any sins. And if you have sinned, right now ask Jesus to forgive you and give you the grace to walk this out.  Only He can forgive and enable us to live right, and He will as soon as we ask him.

If you are no longer sure of your salvation, (the spirit of God bears witness with our spirits that we are the sons of God), then today is the day of salvation, Jesus died on the cross to free you from sin and death, ask Him to save you now and you will become His child right away, because He says that all who come to Him, He will in no wise cast out.

I am praying for you, many others also. Be encouraged that you are not alone, we stand with you, to see your family restored to you, serving Jesus with joy, and assured of the one, true gospel of Jesus Christ.

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