Sunday, March 20, 2022

Star Scott and The Destruction of Families

Over the past weeks, Star Scott has been preaching an escalated version of his twisted doctrine. By using the very rare biblical example of "marking" (also known as "shunning" or "putting away") Scott has ordered his congregants to cut off relationships with friends and family members through marking and divorce. 

According to Star Scott himself, as well as the other pastors, Star Scott is to be considered the voice of God, to be obeyed without question. Because of these recent messages, nearly every member of Calvary Temple must now do one or more of the unthinkable: divorce their spouse, put their child out of their home, stop speaking to grandchildren, cut off relationship with parents or grandparents, shun anyone who no longer attends Calvary Temple, and reject anyone who refuses to do the same.  

 The following is a condensed version of Star Scott's recent talking points designed to bring destruction to families, marriages and friendships.

  • ANYONE who leaves Calvary Temple, FOR ANY REASON, is to be considered apostate. It doesn't matter if they profess to be a Christian.
  • If this person is attending another church, the newly attended church must be EXACTLY THE SAME as Calvary Temple in doctrine and in its application. 
  • However, if said person is attending a church Star Scott considers EXACTLY THE SAME as Calvary Temple, they are expected to repent and return to CT. Because if the doctrine is the same, why would you attend another church
  • Anyone who continues to have contact with a marked person is also to be marked.
  • In a marriage, if either partner leaves Calvary Temple, they are to be considered apostate. If, after a period of time, they do not repent and return to Calvary Temple, the spouse inside of CT is strongly encouraged to divorce.
  • If a Calvary member feels reluctant to divorce their spouse, Star Scott tells them they are rebellious and refusing to do the word of God. 
  • Divorce is God's way of purifying the home and Calvary Temple from leaven. Therefore, Jesus will bring divorce in order to purify your home.
  • If a child's parents leave Calvary Temple, another family should take in the children so they do not have to leave also. The children should be taught to desire leaving their family in order to remain in Calvary Temple. 
  • People who have left Calvary Temple, including children and spouses, are to be considered dead, therefore, no relationship is possible. Because by order of Star Scott, you are to be the first to "kill them" (by treating them as dead). 
As said above, this is a condensed version of recent messages from Star Scott and his staff. If you are alarmed, you should be. For many years, Calvary Temple has been putting this message forward. In recent weeks, the message has been intensified. Leaving Calvary Temple and not returning has always been, and continues to be, the unpardonable sin. Its consequences have now been expanded.

You may ask why there is such an emphasis on division of families, marriages, and friends within Calvary Temple. Please understand that Star Scott MUST teach this message. He cannot have members of his congregation learn the truth about his false doctrine, his coverup of sexual and physical abuses, financial offenses, as well as the multiple investigations by law enforcement and government agencies. One way for members to learn the truth is to talk to those outside of CT. 

For this same reason, Star Scott strongly urges his church members to refrain from reading anything about Calvary Temple on the internet. If you want to know the truth, please call anyone who has left Calvary Temple. We can have a conversation, whether you decide to stay or leave. And if that's too intimidating, contact another pastor or ministry and ask for advice. Or do some research on line. Or better yet, study the Word for yourself, yes, LIKE THE BEREANS. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and listen for the still, small voice within, for it is He who leads us into all truth. 


  1. Hello, I read your above post concerning Calvary. My wife and I who live in NY talked to my wives son who attends Calvary with his wife and 3 children and we were informed that we cannot go down there because we left Pastor Tony Wozniaks Church here in NY due to doctrinal differences as well as Calvarys misunderstanding of leadership (using OT types and shadows to do some of the bizarre things they do justifying what they do). My wifes son told my wife that him and his wife decided not to have us come down but after reading your post it appears they were influenced in their decision. Please could you lead me to the recent teachings as to where Pastor Scott reinforced the idea that if one left a calvary church they were pretty much reprobates or as the catholic church would say "anathema". If these are true and I am not saying I doubt you, I will then have to conclude that Calvary Temple is a cult.

    God bless, I will wait to hear from your response.

  2. Don, I'm so sorry to hear of the division being brought to your family. Unfortunately, it's all too common with Calvary Temple and its satellite churches. Several blogs are dedicated to revealing the false doctrine and application of Star Scott's messages. The content on these blogs is, may I say, mind blowing. Please avail yourself of the info as you feel led. There are links to them on the right side of this blog under the title "Blogs About Calvary Temple".
    Yes, Star Scott has been teaching extreme shunning and division of families for many years but in recent months it seems he has escalated the rhetoric. You can hear these false doctrines woven in and out of many of his messages and see the sad and evil consequences in family after family. I personally know dozens of families that have experienced the loss of friends, families, and marriages. Others are on the verge of losing their familes right now.

    Recent series entitled Divorce (3 parts), The Restrainer (8 parts), and the March Panel Discussion are all good places to start. You can find these on both the Calvary Temple website ( and the YouTube page ( Calvary has removed some teachings from You Tube but they are still on the website. (After this comment is published, Calvary may remove others.)
    A couple of references are these: 
    Panel discussion: March 2022 starting around the 35 minute with the question from the congregant and his answer. - especially around the 50 minute mark. 

    As I have time, I will find some other references but if you listen to the suggested series, I'm sure you will feel justified in concluding Calvary Temple is not only a destructive, abusive church but is indeed a cult.

  3. Thank you for your response, I will be checking out the resources you have given shortly.

    God bless

  4. This church is nutty. All of them. Buffalo, Maryland, Virginia, Africa. Stay away from Star Scott and his fellows. Destruction follows them like a plague.

  5. I have family which have been taken over by Calvary Temple in Sterling. It wasn't that way when they first began attending. We also visited and found them to be lovely people. Worship and fellowship was nice. Teachings were similar to other churches we had fellowshipped at. However we noticed a distinct change when one of our nieces was married. We as christians were not invited to attend. Our niece was apologetic, and embarrassed. But she said it was her fiancee's choice, and so she felt she should accomodate him as he had only ever been to one church. She on the other hand had grown up visiting many churches of her christian family and friends. A well rounded girl. Now, years later, we sadly report she has cut off the entire family and all her old friends from other churches. This happened progressively. Initially we still visited after her wedding (that we were not invited to). Everything was nice, they were happy, and we were happy for them. Her husband seemed like a nice enough guy. And his parents. Now we believe she has been isolated unto her destruction. They have kids. None of whom have been allowed to meet their maternal grandparents. Christians who raised a great daughter. But do not like Calvary Temple for the way they have treated other christians. And because of concern over pedophiles in leadership positions.

    We have researched the background of some of the pastors and deacons. Astounding information is out there. Tax evasion, divorce, records expunged (what is that hiding), accusations of molestation, trouble with the law on many fronts. Too much!

    Of course the scriptures clearly state that a man of God must be without reproach, and spoken well of both within and without the church. So it goes without saying, Calvary Temple and it's sister churches headed up by one Star Scott appear to embody the warning of Acts 20:29-30. 'For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.'

    Blessings as you seek to protect and restore your family.

  6. My comment will be in many parts due to its length.

    After taking time in thought and prayer as well as listening to the PaneI discussion as well as other teachings, I am now ready to respond.

    After listening to the Panel discussion, I believe it was said perfectly when Pastor Scott said (and I am paraphrasing) people who are deceived don’t know it. He is absolutely right on that. What he doesn’t realize is that he is talking about himself and those who have bought into some of the heretical teachings there at Calvary. I will address only a few of them I have heard.

    #1: High Priests and Levites of old are types and shadows of the Apostles and Pastors of today. I am thinking (correct me if I am wrong) this is where they get the understanding that if the Apostles (High Priest) wife passes away then he is to take a virgin. I realize that this was true under the law according to Leviticus 21:13 but isn’t true of Apostles or Pastors since the time Christ died and rose again.
    Nowhere in the gospels or the epistles of any of the Apostles will you find such wrong thinking. We have only one high Priest who has gone into the heavens (Hebrews 4:14) and his name is Jesus and not the pope of Rome nor anyone else. Paul was a great Apostle and you will never see in any of his epistles where he claims that he was a New Testament High priest, nor Peter or John or any of the true Apostles. I was going to say that this thinking is borderline heresy but I have to change that, it is outright heresy.
    It was said that “no one else does what we do here at Calvary and that is because they are wrong and we are right, we do the word”.
    My response to that arrogance is ‘”no you are not doing the word because the word doesn’t agree with your misusing the Old Testament and your use of it to back up your false understanding of what you are teaching ”.

    I can run this thinking by any God-fearing Pastor and overseer (and sadly there are not many of them left) and they will cringe and say the very thing I said, “it is heretical”. So, no one does it the Calvary way (that I know of) and that because the Calvary way is unbiblical.
    I am taken back by the response these folks make when they say “we have over 400 years of experience here and who do you think you are”? I am taken back because with 400 years of experience, how did they get this wrong and how did they get people on board to believe with them? Yes, it’s through reading their presuppositions into the scriptures and teaching it to the others as well as the congregation not truly taking the time prayerfully in Gods word and rightly dividing it (getting proper exegesis), “if Pastor said so then it must be true”……. that right there is dangerous. “We will take care of the doctrine, you just shut up and do what you are told”, sounds just like a priest in the church of Rome and the sheep simply follow.

    Scripturally what this is called is the “doctrine of the Nicolaitanes” which God hates!! (Revelation 2:6 and 15) and there are some good teachings out there as what that doctrine is and that it has to do with hierarchy in the leadership over the laity, I don’t have the time to expound on this. Jacob Prasch on YouTube deals with this.

  7. There is a proper way to oversee the flock and as laity we are called to “obey them that have the rule over us” but they are not to Lord over the flock (1Peter 5:1-4) but do what the scripture says in Ephesians 4:12-14. They should be bringing correction to us when we are out of order in our speech or behavior, but to tell you who should live in your home and who to marry etc. is wrong. Yes we should take counsel from them when we are lacking wisdom in an area, but if the counsel is contrary with what we see in the scriptures we are to reject it.

    (I have noticed Calvary Pastors seem to stick with themselves and not meet other Pastors in the community who hold to the scriptures. My question to Calvarys oversight is this, “are you afraid someone may bring correction to you concerning your error?”)

    It was told to me by a reputable source who said he witnessed one of the Pastors on his hands and knees crying out to Pastor Scott saying ”please Father don’t take this (I am not sure what it was) away from me, I’m sorry, please please”). The Pastor was being reprimanded for something. This is crazy and so wrong on many fronts.

    Now concerning Pastor Scott marrying a young lady, is it wrong scripturally? No, it was not wrong at all. The only thing I can say about this is that it did set up a red flag in this regard only. The Apostle Paul in 1Corinthains 8 concerning offending another believer in the eating of certain foods said, if meat make my brother to stumble then I will eat no meat while the world stands. All things may be lawful to me but they are not all expedient (profitable). Paul, a true Apostles heart was to offend no one by his actions no matter if they were sinful or not (he would offend many by his words however) but do whatever it took to save (gain) some (1Corinthians 9:19-23). There are many things we can do which would be fine, but if I know it would cause an offense I would hope the love of God would restrain me from doing it. Paul shows what a mature Christian looks and thinks like. (I heard there were a number of people offended by this action and left the Church).

    As a side note I will say that there is one man who I know in this life that truly exemplifies a true servant of God and that is Pastor Tony Wozniak. I have watched that man lay his life down for the flock many times. Pastor Tony isn’t driving around in a Maserati or a Beamer and he surely isn’t living high off the hog in a mansion with a fine trimmed lawn etc. This man (Pastor Tony) lives for the gospel and it clearly shows. If he only didn’t hold to the false understanding of leadership that Calvary holds (the Nicolaitanes doctrine), II would still be there today. This is a man who truly has offered his life up as a sacrifice to the Lord…..Not many like him.

  8. #2: Tithing
    Nowhere in the New Testament will anyone see “mandatory tithing”.
    Read Pauls’ epistles to the gentile churches who wouldn’t have known anything of tithing and not one time does Paul even mention it. You can look at Peters, James, John and Judes epistles and see absolutely no mention of it. Why? Because there is no such thing as mandated NT tithing, yes we are called to give generously but never to be mandated to tithe.
    The only times you will see tithing mentioned in the NT is twice in the gospels and also in Hebrews 7.

    In Matthew 23:23 Jesus deals with the Scribes and Pharisees because they had no problem tithing their garden spices which under the law was required (remember Jesus had not gone to the cross yet) but they were self-centered religious leaders who showed no mercy, justice or faith.
    The only other time in the gospels Jesus mentions tithing was in a parable concerning the self-righteous Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18:9-14).
    None of these two accounts have anything to do with mandated tithing.
    In Hebrews 7:1-12 (focus on verse 12) we see nothing there mandating tithing but showing the fact that Jesus was of the “order of Melchisedec”. (Hebrews shows Jesus was greater than the angels, Moses etc.) So we see this text has nothing to do with mandated tithing.
    Now someone might say “well tithing was before the law and they will take you to Genesis 14:20 as well as Genesis 28:22 to prove their point.

    Well guess what? Circumcision was before the law as well (Genesis 17:10-14), do we circumcise our male children at a church ceremony when they are 8 days old? No we don’t. So if I use the reasoning above that tithing was before the law to justify NT mandated tithing, then it can be clearly seen that that reasoning is false. If that reasoning was true then the Pharisees surely would have had a very good argument in Acts 15:1-21.

    I have seen tithing being used as a tool to manipulate people. I have heard comments such as these “If you don’t tithe, you don’t love God because you are not keeping his commandments” or “If you don’t tithe then you are under the curse” (referring back to Malachi) and anyone that partakes with you will partake of your curse………..that right there is outright manipulative heresy!!. Another one is “if you are not tithing you can’t be on the worship team” and the list goes on.
    I have heard that in the past that people at Calvary were instructed to “double tithe” which is ludicrous. Oh, how I pray that people would get back to their Bibles.

    I know of a situation where a person was brought into the office and asked why they were not tithing. The fact is it is none of their business what one gives, that is between them and God.

    #3: Tongues:
    First off, I want to say, I am not a cessationist for I truly do believe the gifts of the Spirit are for today. Sadly, when I go to the majority of any Pentecostal/Charismatic church I see a total misuse of tongues.

  9. Everyone is blabbing and they justify it by saying we are praying. If one reads 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 using proper exegesis (reading context) not “eisegesis” (reading things into the text”) they will see that things must be done decently and in order and the fact that if there is not an interpreter that the one who has a tongue is to remain silent. Paul never says when I go to Church I pray in the Spirit out loud but this is what does he say (see 1Corinthians 14:13-28)?

    I was going back and forth with a brother from Calvary concerning this issue and he went to Romans 8:26 and tried telling me this was a proof text for “praying in the Spirit” (I believe we do pray in the Spirit as 1 Corinthians 14:14-18 states) but that passage in Romans is most certainly not a proof text for praying in the Spirit, the last 4 words of Romans 8:26 make that clear.

    During that debate, because it was going nowhere, a Calvary tactic was used on me and that tactic was “Don, you have a problem with pride” whereby I responded, “yeah we all do” but lets not get sidetracked but continue to look at the text, his tactic didn’t work on me. When these folks can’t get you to see their error then they turn to the “you’re in pride” tactic. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS and that because it is another manipulation tactic.

    #4: Rapture (harpadzo)

    At Calvary I found out that one MUST believe in a pre-trib rapture, you can have no other view.
    After 32 years of believing that the rapture was “pre trib” I have through hours of studying saw in the scriptures where I believe the rapture is “Post trib” and have a number of scriptures to back that up with. Now I can be wrong like anyone else.
    Will I divide over this? No not a chance because it isn’t something to divide over. Sadly I heard one say that “If one doesn’t hold to a pre-trib rapture then they probably are not saved”. At Calvary you MUST hold to a pre-trib rapture because the oversight holds to it.
    Here is something I hear wrongly quoted as a proof text for a “pre-trib” rapture which is nothing but eisegesis found in Revelation 4:1 where it was told to John “Come up hither” (can you see a pre-trib rapture there? Neither can I). Come on really? You got to do better than that.

    There are 2 good books out there concerning the timing of the rapture, one by Jacob Prasch simply called “Harpadzo” and another by Alexander Reese called “The Approaching Advent of Christ”. Prasch holds to what is called an intra-seal rapture (between the 6th and 7th seal) whereas Reese holds to a Post Trib Rapture. Again this is not something we as Christians should be dividing over.

    #5: a terrible misuse of Galatians 4:1-3.
    I have heard with my own ears that the people need to be under the overseers because they are as children that need the law applied to them (now the law is good if it be used according to its purpose and it was NOT made for a righteous man…see 1Timothy 1:6-10). This is what eisegesis looks like; it is a total butchering of the scriptures.

  10. If one reads it properly “we were under tutors and governors UNTIL (keyword) the time appointed that verse 4 talks about namely salvation by grace through faith. To use that verse to mean anything else is great error. As a matter of fact the scripture tells us that” we have an anointing from the Holy one and know all things (1John 2:20) as well as “that we don’t need any man to teach us because of that anointing that has been given to us as believers. Now am I saying we don’t need overseers? Of course not for that would be heresy as well because the scriptures are clear on that. However, we don’t need someone standing over us micromanaging our lives. This scripture seems to be used wrongly to keep the sheep in check.

    There are 3 memories I have concerning being at Calvary which were red flags:
    1: I was walking with my stepson on the grounds at Calvary admiring how well the grounds were kept (everything is done with excellence which is a good thing) and I saw in the distance a man and I asked my stepson if that was the grounds keeper? He said to me , No that that was the father of Pastors wife and he doesn’t have to work because he gave his virgin to be married (I may not be quoting this exactly because it was a good many years back but is was surely something to this effect). I should have asked my stepson to give me chapter and verse concerning that thinking but didn’t. The red flags went up that day because that is again heretical thinking. Anyone who reads their Bible can clearly see the error here; they are misusing the Old Testament.
    I do agree that we can learn from the Old Testament as the scriptures say (Romans 15:4 and 1Corinthians 10:1-11) and glean from the principles of the OT, but what Calvary is doing is as I said heretical.

    2: The other memory I have was when talking with a brother as to what he believed and why he believed a certain doctrine, and showing him what the scriptures taught and that it was contrary to what he was being taught, you would think he could make a good argument for what he believed? No what he did was said “well that is what Pastor teaches and we believe it”. Can anyone see how dangerous this is? Yes it is Catholicism all over again.
    3: I remember years ago when I attended Calvary as a visitor for the first time, I went to the Tuesday night “prayer meeting”. It was strange since no one was praying corporately; everyone was by themselves in their chairs. I was taken aback by all the people that showed up for prayer (I was like a kid in a candy shop, this was awesome to me), sadly prayer night is one of the least attended meetings yet in my opinion the most important meeting. While praying a word dropped into my heart and that word was “OBLIGATION”. I believe the Spirit of the Lord was telling me that many are here because they are obligated to be there otherwise they would be reprimanded by their deacons. How many people would be at prayer if they were not obligated to be there? God isn’t interested in our sacrifice if our heart isn’t in to it.

  11. Now concerning Calvary leadership telling the laity to cut off their family members here is my response to that:
    Are the people at Calvary immature (most are mature I am just asking a hypothetical question) that they must be reminded to not walk with the ungodly and must cut off their unbelieving family members? As a Christian for over 25 years I from the scriptures realize that I am not to be unequally yoked with the unbeliever (2Corinthians 6:14-18), nor am I to be a companion of fools (Proverbs 13:20) but a companion with those who fear God (Psalm 119:63). Does this mean I cut off my unbelieving family? Not a chance, I thank God when I was an unbeliever that members of my family who are Christians didn’t “cut me off”. I understood why they didn’t want to hang out with me (I hung in the bars at that time) and truly, I didn’t want to hang out with them as well (Proverbs 29:27) because we had nothing in common. Again, I do thank my believing family that when I was around them, they didn’t shun me but shared and displayed Gods love to me.
    I said all that because the oversight has no business to tell you to cut off your family members UNLESS they are pulling you down and leading you astray, also if you due to hanging with them, you bring their attitudes and language into the Church, then the oversight MUST bring correction to you. Also if your children are not living for the Lord but living worldly lives, I believe the oversight has every right to tell them not to come to Church because they will affect the other youths who can be open to anything. The oversight has no right to tell you that you MUST put them on the street or you will be disciplined for it if you don’t.

    Now cutting off Christian family members is most definitely wrong. Sure, we may have differences in our understanding of the scriptures but as long as we hold to the core truths of scripture, we should without a doubt have fellowship with one another for we are brothers

    I however will make one disclaimer and that is, if I go down to Calvary and push my views contrary to what they teach even if it is heresy, the oversight has every right to keep me from coming to their Church, I respect that. Norma and I have never had any intention on discussing doctrine we didn’t agree upon with anyone at Calvary. It did happen once however and that because I was confronted by an individual there. We always went down and enjoyed our time with them and our grand-children and had a great time discussing Biblical truths we all agreed on.

    Sadly I must say when the oversight separates Christians from Christians is has all the markings of a cult.

    One last thing on this topic, can you imagine if I was to constantly tell my wife many times during the month that she must submit to me according to Ephesians 5:22-33 what that would be like? That would show some insecurity on my part and also the fact that I am not trusting God to do a work in her or in me as well. When listening to a number of teachings from Calvary, I have noticed that the message of “we are the oversight and you must submit to us” is woven into many teachings. Actually there a number of teachings I remember that had different titles but in them was the same theme “submit”. This speaks clearly of insecurity and not trusting in God for the flocks growth by the oversight.

    What happened to people “digging their own wells”?

  12. I can no longer endorse Calvary:
    For the last number of years I have been putting up Calvarys devotion on my Facebook page but two weeks ago I stopped doing it and not because of the family situation but because of the things that people were bringing to me. I would tell people to listen to Calvarys teaching because there are many good teachings they have. (I would be a liar if I told you that all their teachings were bad for there are some very sound teachings. In Todays Church world all you hear is motivational and experiential fluff with little to no substance to it. Calvary teaches properly in their Biblical understanding that in order to live one must die (take up his cross and follow Jesus). I myself have gained allot from Calvarys teachings concerning true Holiness, the fear of the Lord and sanctification, something that doesn’t seem to be taught in many Churches anymore.)

    Sadly what people are doing is googling “Calvary Temple Sterling” and then they see all the bad press concerning Calvary and wonder why I would suggest Calvary. Just recently an individual came to me telling me that I should not be endorsing Calvary because of its heretical teachings concerning leadership and there application of the word.
    Sadly there are many online accusations against Calvary and I don’t know whether they are true or not, some of the readers may have some true facts concerning things Calvary has been accused of over the years but I do not. If I were to say that these accusations are true and they weren’t then I would be a false accuser or a slanderer. I believe there is a price to pay concerning speaking evil of one personally through false accusations. Now if any of this is true and those who would have done such vile acts refuse to own up to this (especially if it harmed a childs life) they will one day stand before God, that is if God doesn’t bring to light the hidden things of darkness in this life. If any in the oversight were to be guilty of these accusations, they may have asked God for forgiveness and received it BUT they rightfully have no place in oversight according to Pauls writings to Timothy (1Timothy3) and Titus (Titus 1) because they would not be blameless.

    I have learned many good things from the teachings from Calvary as I said over the years and my prayer for the oversight (and I have been praying for them since probably 2005) is that they would come back to sound Biblical doctrine concerning their view of leadership, and balance out those areas that they are clearly wrong in and that in doing so God would bless them. I have no ill will toward the people down there for every time my wife and I visited there we were treated like family. The people are truly wonderful and encouraging and I speak this of the oversight as well. If Jesus wrote a letter to Calvary I think we would see allot of similarities in the letters that were written in the book of Revelation to the 7 Churches. “You have some good things and also I have these things against you, repent and get them right”.

  13. Conclusion: Yes, the news was disheartening to the both of us concerning Norma’s son and family saying not to come down. We have been saddened by this as one can expect, for we love our children and grand-children and will surely miss them. However I told Norma that we are not be distracted by the enemy from the work that the Lord has called us to. We are not in a battle against flesh and blood as the scriptures clearly teach (Ephesians 6:10-18) and it was good for the Lord to remind me of this. Satan through this situation and other close family situations would love to distract us and get us off course and lose focus of Gods will in our lives but thankfully we are not ignorant of his intentions.
    For me, trying to call our family at Calvary and plead with them would be a big waste of time since they have been so deeply indoctrinated by the false understanding of what Calvary believes about oversight and overseers and other erroneous thinking. It would be like trying to get a seasoned Catholic to see that Mary is not Gods mom nor is she to be prayed too, it would be futile. Indoctrination is a very serious thing and only the Holy Spirit can wake people up who have been indoctrinated. If I push against them, and over and over attack their Pastors (which to me isn’t going to accomplish anything) and their false doctrine, they are only going to push back and that because it is in their nature (that is actually in all of us and it is called pride). I will not play the “I’m right, you are wrong game” with them. I refuse to waste precious time by writing messages to them, attacking their oversight on social media over and over again etc. (I realize that others have other convictions but this is mine), I will not be distracted. However, we do have one great weapon and that is to pray for those who are caught up in that error there at Calvary, that God would through His Spirit coupled with the scriptures, open their eyes. This most likely will be my last post due to what I said above.
    The time is short and we are to be redeeming the time (Ephesians 5:14-21). Troubles are coming very soon in this country and I believe our faith will be tested as never before in this country. We must prepare our hearts and not get distracted by the things Satan will throw at us to get us of course. He would love to see us caught up in the cares of this life as well as the lust of other things. Let’s stay focused.

    God bless you all as you keep your eyes on Jesus and the course he has chosen for your life (Matthew 10:38-39). Jesus said this life as a Christian (because of his truth) will cause divisions even among families (Matthew 10:34-37) (This is actually talking about the believer and unbeliever). His word will divide and oversight should NOT be the dividers……woe to those who pit one believer against another for a day of reckoning surely will come.

  14. Dear Don,

    Thank you for your extensive and well-researched comments (dated May 3rd) concerning this blog post (Star Scott and the Destruction of Families.) It is evident you spent many hours in prayer and study as you wrote your thoughts concerning Calvary Temple. There is little I can add to your thorough review of what makes Calvary Temple heretical and lacking in sound doctrine. However, I would like to mention a few thoughts of my own as well as a few points of difference in opinion.

    In regard to the subject of the High Priest, you can well imagine the alarm of many members as Star Scott labeled himself the High Priest. It is a sign of the hold he has on the congregation that he was able to state something so contradictory to scripture and use it to justify the need for marrying “a virgin”.

    Thank you for reminding us that Paul, nor any other apostles mentioned in the NT, ever labeled themselves as High Priest.

  15. Yes, you are correct that the leadership of Calvary Temple has no fellowship or even contact with other churches in this area. I have been told by local pastors that throughout the years they have tried to meet with Star Scott but have nearly always been rebuffed. On the rare occasion that a CT pastor met with someone, it was for the purpose of challenging the other pastor to send the "wayward" CT member back to Calvary.

    Concerning Tony Wozniak, I feel I must respond. I understand your personal experience with Tony seems to be positive. Unfortunately for some members of his own family, their experience is anything but positive. Tony has followed the same pattern of his mentor, Star Scott. His own family has been divided by his actions. In addition, we have been in contact with someone who left Tony’s church and had much the same experience of being shunned. Please do not be deceived by Tony's past positive actions, he is a clone of Star Scott. Tony continues to visit Calvary in Sterling, given a place in the pulpit, bringing forth the same false teaching as Star Scott. He often is “used” to reinforce the false doctrine of Scott.

    Yes, people are confronted if they do not tithe AND give. Some have been put on "visitor status" for not meeting the requirements. (meaning that you may not partake in any of the "blessings" that come with paying your way).

    (Thank you for covering this subject of tithing. If members inside of CT actually read this, it will be "mind blown!”)

  16. Interesting comment about “corporate prayer”. I guess they should rename it "solitary prayer at church instead of home”. Because you are right, it's certainly not corporate prayer.

    I appreciate that you were able to gain some good teaching from Calvary Temple. However, I suspect that your spiritual growth came more from a seeking heart than from Star Scott. I believe the Holy Spirit brings revelation in spite of the false teachings. I am reminded of the verse from James 3 that says "Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?".

    I understand your carefulness in accepting all you read in the blogs concerning CT. I think in light of your own personal experience, you can recognize the similarities between their heartrending accounts and yours. The number of families destroyed by Calvary Temple is too many to count and stretches back for decades. Scripture commands us to have two or three witnesses, that number was eclipsed long ago. The accusations of child abuse are well documented and cases remain open with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office for continued investigation. I'm sure you’re aware of the arrest of Kevin O'Connor and his subsequent placement on the National Sexual Offenders List.

    I commend the bloggers who have given of themselves as they seek to defend and protect the children, parents, grandparents, spouses, and family members from the destructive actions of Calvary Temple. As you rightly said "The time is short and we are to be redeeming the time (Ephesians 5:14-21)." For this very reason, I pray Molly Fitch will continue to write letters to her children. Much like the apostles writing letters to the churches and other men of God, Molly writes letters to her children and the church at Calvary. The time IS short, please don’t think her letters are a waste of precious time. I admire her greatly for continuing to reach out to her children and speak the truth about Calvary Temple. I wish more who have left CT would do the same.

    Thank you again, Don. I am grateful for your excellent comments. I hope and pray that your story will end differently from the stories of many that have lost loved ones at the hands of Calvary Temple.


  17. Hello Don,

    How are you and your wife? We met years ago at Dan Konczal’s home, (following church at Calvary Temple). That was before my children were taken from us. Probably you have not been told the truth of how that occurred. You are welcome to call me. My children do not know, because their dad and myself were warned not to share the ‘discipline' with the children or others. It would engender sympathy, and they would not understand. All of which is true. We obeyed the pastors. Submitting like sheep to the slaughter. Not realizing that there was no appeasing the predatory and covetous behavior of the church known as Calvary Temple of Sterling Virginia. It is a church of lies.

    I write my children because all avenues of communication with them (from day one), have been cut off. They have been isolated from all the family and loved ones up here in NY. Not just myself and their father.

    They are our children. We gave birth to them, raised them, sent them to college, paid for their (2) weddings, and even helped with the purchase of one of their homes. We answer to God for them, as they are our children from God. And as a mother, my love for them compels me to reach out to them, warn them, support them, guide them, and pray for them.

    As you know, our youngest daughter Christina was married (without our knowledge) to Dan and Yelena Konczal’s son a couple years back. I have been to the Konczal home, the Zarou home, the Kain home, the Carr home, the Scott home. None of whom have opened the door when I knock. Or answer my phone call.

    As a result, based on our horrific experiences of the theft of our family. Of having our children indoctrinated against their parents and extended family. The slandering of our reputations with falsehoods. I must conclude all the people who have aided and abetted Star Scott in his covetous and wicked destruction of our wonderful family, are guilty as well.

    True blue people, who love God and love the truth, do not isolate themselves, or encourage the isolation of individuals. They are brave, resilient, and strong in the power and love of God. That is who I strive to be, as an example to my children and grandchildren. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR STRENGTH, AND NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR FAMILY.

    My story is true. I have no secret sin which required me to be put away….I have nothing that my kids need to ‘cover’. They are gaslighting you. Evil is evil. And stealing others children or families is evil. Slander is evil. Dividing people from their own blood relatives is evil. It happens all the time, everywhere. But it is evil. And God is not the author of evil. He turns the hearts of the children to their parents and the hearts of the parents to their children.

    Calvary Temple is teaching false doctrine to vulnerable folks, in order to profit off of them. And misuse/abuse/endanger them and their children. Predatory pastors. They compass land and sea to make one disciple and then (attempt to) make them two fold a child of hell.

    What good mom or dad would not want to warn and protect their offspring from such a place? And offer hope and forgiveness for them, so that they know they are wanted, no matter how much pain they have caused us?

    Molly Fitch