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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Questions for Calvary Temple Members

Calvary Temple members,

I wonder if I might ask you a few questions, especially to those who have not seen or spoken to family members that have left Calvary Temple:

  1. Are you very, very sure that you have a biblical mandate to cut off your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, relatives or friends?  
  2. Have you tried to find out if the people that have been cut off from members of Calvary Temple are truly in biblical sin? And if so, does the Bible really teach you that you are to have nothing to do with them because of that sin?
  3. Have you contacted those who are cut off and spoken with them about their (supposed) sin? Heard the other side of the story? (does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?  John 7:51. He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and a shame to him. Proverbs 18:13).
  4. If you do not know what has caused them to be shunned, found out if it is biblically mandated, and sought them out to hear the matter, then why have YOU shunned them? You have hated people just on the word of another?
  5. Is leaving to attend another church a biblical mandate to shun someone?
  6. Is wanting to marry someone outside of CT and attend another church a reason to destroy a family?
  7. Is not wanting to remain under the leadership of a man who is not qualified to be a pastor (according to 1 Timothy) a reason to divorce your spouse?
  8. Is the leadership of CT the only ones who can decide whom you should speak to?
  9. Who is the head of your family? Calvary Temple Leadership or Jesus Christ? Star Scott or the husband/father/head of the household?
  10. Who is to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit for the direction of your life? Calvary Temple leadership or you?
  11. Should you blindly obey Calvary Temple leadership without knowing all the facts?

A few specific questions to a some CT members:

  • To the wife of M......   What biblical reason did you have to divorce your godly husband? Did you not promise to love him all the days of your life? What gave you the right to break the covenant of marriage? Was illness a reason to divorce him? Were you just too selfish to stand by your husband through the difficult times? What sin did he commit that caused you to cut off all hope of a long and godly marriage? Didn't God say He hates divorce?
  • To the four F..... children: what exactly is your mother's sin? Are you absolutely positive she is not serving God? (and suppose she is not serving God, is that a reason to end a relationship with your mother?) What does it mean to honor your mother? Who did you always know her to be? Is it possible she is still the same loving, godly mother you always knew? Shouldn't you find out for yourself? What if she has only spoken the truth?  
  • To the wife of A....:  What does the scripture mean concerning "pleased to dwell"? (a woman who has an unbelieving husband, and he consents to live with her, she must not send her husband away. 1 Cor 7:13).  If it does not apply in your situation, when does it apply? Why was this written if not for you, K....., to give your children their father and to give your husband an opportunity to be converted by what should be your chaste lifestyle? (that they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior. 1 Peter 3:2). What godly behavior does he see in you now?  
  • To the wife of J....  How are you justified in divorcing your husband - the head of your household - because you do not agree with his decision to lead his family out of CT? (Wives, be subject to you own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. Eph 5:22). Do you notice that Star Scott's name is not in that scripture? When does this scripture apply? Just when you want it to?
  • To the son of R and P: Are you positive your parents are not serving God? and are you sure you are supposed to shun them because they do not attend CT? Are you to shun them because they have spoken the TRUTH about Calvary Temple leadership? What does the scripture mean to honor your parents? Please note that the scripture does not say you are to honor your parents only when they are obeying the leadership of Calvary Temple. It just says to honor them. Period.  
  • To H... and M....:  I ask the same questions of you both. You have dishonored your parents for many years, all because they disagreed with the leadership of CT. Are they not serving God? Even if they weren't, how are you, the supposed Christians, to treat them?
  • To the daughter of G... and M....:  I often think and pray for you and wonder how you lay your head on the pillow at night and not weep with shame. You know your parents, you know the love they have for Jesus, the lives they have led as they serve Jesus and His body. And yet you take the word of another man (or men) and refuse to stand against the lies and deceit. You know your parents have spoken only the truth. It is time for you to stand up and speak the truth yourself. Take your children and return to the home of your parents.  They will do whatever it takes to protect you and them.  

To many others in Calvary Temple that have shunned their family and friends, divided their homes, hated their brothers and sisters - I advise you to be very, very sure you are 100% right. If you are wrong, you are in opposition to God. You cannot hide behind leadership and say you were just being obedient. You must be obedient to God rather than to man. If you are wrong, you will find yourself answering to God for the destruction of families and even souls. And the truth is, you are wrong in believing the twisted lies of Calvary Temple leadership.


  1. I was a member of calvary temple and well remember how I was treated in the church before I left and then after I left. Thankfully, I knew Christ LONG before I had EVER heard of calvary temple, much less star scott. I already had and understanding of God's love and mercy and grace. Thank goodness!! because after I left calvary temple, what I experienced from people who had been my friends and family, who had said they loved me, who had been my buddies and family just turned away from me. You can quote the "dust your feet off" verse all you want but if that is Godly love, how it was abused, then you have grossly misunderstood your scripture, although I understand how that is possible. Just so all of you are aware, because I am positive no one ever heard my side of the story, I went to my pastor (of the new church I attended) and told him what was going on. He graciously called one of the pastors at calvary temple because star wouldn't talk to him and explained that my husband and I needed to go somewhere where both of us could worship together and that calvary temple should bless him to leave and my pastor would bless me to leave so that we could find a place to restore our marriage and renew and rekindle our commitment to each other. calvary temple told my pastor that they would NEVER release him (my husband) and that if I wanted to be restored to him I had to come back to calvary temple.

    If it is so important for all of you to be in a place that literally shuns people because they choose to go somewhere else, because they don't feel like they can stay in a place where there is discrepency in the word that is taught and the Bible, where there is such guardianship over the members as to know your every move, where there is such manipulation of emotions and mind that people there exclude the world, to whom they are supposed to be ministering, especially their own family, I would have to question the one who is promoting that.
    star scot, this is to you. If you are the Godly man that you say you are, why would you create such consternation and confusion, frustration and anxiety, malevolence and chaos? God is not of confusion. He is clear and concise. He doesn't make Christian people embittered and angry. If you are truly wanting to be a man of God, which you say you are, you may want to take a look at your motives. All of these people you have hurt and led astray and away, their blood is on your hands. If you are truly a Godly man, that should be scary to you, to be at the mercy of a just God...
    If however, you are truly evil and satanic in nature, well disguised, sneaky like the serpent himself, then I understand your motives here. What I can't understand is why you are being such a coward and doing it all under the guise of a pentecostal pastor. Step out and be proud of what you are, you might as well get all you can here in this life because if the truth is that you are cowardly disguising yourself to subtlely draw people in, just remember, there is a very very special place in the depths of hell for ones like you. I challenge you to decide which one it is...truly want to serve God--man up and realize what you are doing and make restitution....truly serving the evil one--"man" up and show your true colors and see if they will still follow you. Do you have what it takes? I wonder....

    1. AMEN! Star Scott is gonna have a lot to answer for in the end when he stands before God. I can assure you the words he hears from God on the judgement day will NOT be " well done my good and faithful servant " but will most likely be " depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you " When Scott hears those words it will be then that he will reap what he has sewn! Nevertheless it is still amazing that God is still ready with open arms to forgive and love Scott if he turns from his evil ways now. I pray for peace, restoration, love, and healing, for ALL the families torn apart by this evil, fake, sorry of an excuse pastor! Yet at the same time we should pray that Scott himself turns from his ways and runs to God and begs forgiveness to everyone he has hurt! And that he will confess to ALL his wrongs and evils and that he will take whatever punishment he gets like a man. And if he is not willing to turn from his evil ways that God will end this fake ministry, end this evil destructive force known as Calvary Temple!

  2. This is frightening. Sounds like I'm reading a script from the Jim Jones Guyana Kool-aid tragedy. Dear Jesus...2 Timothy 2:15

    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    Screw some whack job that thinks just because he calls himself a reverend he can dictate your life.