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Monday, July 4, 2016

Calvary Temple is "Reaching Out"

It appears big things are happening at Calvary Temple. The word on the street is Star Scott is "allowing", even encouraging, some congregants to get in contact with their long rejected family members.

One story: Twenty years ago, "Jim" and "Karen" left Calvary Temple and began to attend another church in the area. The leadership of Calvary Temple assigned their two teenage children to live with families within CT. The son changed his last name to that of his "adopted" father. As far as I know, that was the end of any meaningful contact for Jim and Karen and their children.

Fast forward 20 years and Calvary Temple son "Mitch" and Calvary Temple daughter "Anna" have contacted their parents. They wish to have a relationship with their parents and introduce their own children to their "new" family.

When hearing this news, many other rejected family members and friends who have left CT have rejoiced for Jim and Karen and their children. Many years of prayer, fasting, protesting, and publicizing have gone into patient waiting for just this kind of event. After the initial happiness and celebration, however, most cannot help but think "maybe my children/grandchildren/husband/wife/brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/friend will contact me." "Maybe this long-standing rejection of anyone who has left CT is about to change."  "Maybe Star Scott has repented and changed". "Maybe the long nightmare is about to end".

Questions, doubts, thoughts all swirl within our minds. We struggle with the desire to believe God has moved on the hearts of Calvary Temple leadership while still questioning if there is something more behind this "reconciliation". Many are quite (more than quite) suspicious of Star Scott's motives.

We ask ourselves:
  • Is it possible Star Scott has another motive for allowing contact between Mitch and Anna and their parents? Could it be the past year of public outcry against the destruction of families has motivated him to take on a kinder, gentler persona?
  • Could the ongoing Loudoun County Sheriff's Office investigation yield some very ugly charges that Star Scott would like to counteract with a good-will action?
  • Could Mitch and Anna have finally said enough is enough? Is it possible the children have realized shunning their parents is just not biblical?
  • Could Star Scott be tired of the murmuring among his members as they disagree with the policy of cutting off all those who leave CT? 
  • Could it be Star Scott has decided to allow ex-Calvary members (that have not spoken out publicly, or at least not recently) to have contact with family and friends as a way to encourage the more vocal among us to shut up? If we are quiet, will WE get to see our family/friends? In other words, is this blackmail?
  • Are the numbers in CT shrinking and with no new community members coming into the fold, are the members being encouraged to try to get the "rebellious" to come "home"?
  • And what are the shunned ones being told as to why they are suddenly allowed contact with CT members? One was told satan was not to have his way anymore by bringing division; another is allowed to attend family functions because they are not a professing Christian; another is told they never were a Christian, so they can now have contact; one is apparently allowed to have contact because they are a Christian. Confusing, isn't it?
Because ex-Calvary Temple members cannot hear/have access to the teachings (though Star Scott told a reporter everything they say is on the website and is available for anyone to access, this is a lie) we cannot help wonder how Star Scott currently communicates this new freedom of seeing loved ones to his congregation. This is a complete reversal of the general policy that forbids current CT members from having relationship with ex-CT family members, "marked" ex-members, kicked out members, etc. Star Scott is very likely spinning many scenarios that add up to the same conclusion: go ahead and contact those who are not speaking out. His true reasons are unknown, we can only surmise.

Update: since the writing of this entry, we understand that the above example is not an isolated event. Multiple families are also now hearing from estranged family members still in CT.  The common denominator? Those in Calvary Temple are now reaching out to those who have not spoken publicly against CT. 

To be continued.....