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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Anonymous Comment to the Post Concerning "Reaching Out"

Hello. If you don't mind, I'd like to add a few comments to your article on the young adults recently contacting family after twenty long and awful years of cutting off their family.
May I ask, what about the congregants in the church; who coached them to do this horrendous deed to the kid's parents? Have they gone to 'Mitch and Anna's' parents and apologized as well? Has the pastor apologized, he who encouraged this terrible behavior of running away and hiding the kids in his own home ( a single man, at the time unmarried), and later encouraged one of the kids to change his family name to the pastor's last name? Where were the responsible Christian adults in that church? Were they complicit in such illegal activities? (encouraging a minor to run away is illegal).  Either by their silence or actively participating in hiding the kids from their parents?

Any apologies to the wounded family from these folks?

All in all, these questions being asked, it is not just the pastors who are seducing young people, the whole church is responsible for these unbiblical actions of destroying families. Also I think it is interesting that they are stealing kids from Christian homes.  It is not like they are taking and hiding kids from Buddhist or Muslim or Jewish homes. As far as I have seen, only the Christian kids are being taken, the ones raised up in Christian homes by Christian parents who are too righteous to fall under the spell of wicked leaders pretending to be pastors.  Sorry. This stuff infuriates me to no end. Cowards all I say, at least in Calvary Temple of Sterling, Virginia.

-anonymous bystander-