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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Long, Hard Look at Calvary Temple

I want people to take a long, unbiased, hard look at Calvary Temple here in Sterling, and the fruit of its ministry; it may be prudent to quote Lanny Davis who wrote about political scandals, "Tell it all, tell it early, tell it yourself." Or to quote a paraphrase of Proverbs 28:13, "What we cover, God uncovers and what we uncover, God covers." Calvary Temple appeals on the premise it is doing the Word of God better than other churches. Pastor Star Scott encourages the recruitment of only the best people, using the Scripture "Commit to faithful men..." By seeking well-raised young adults and teenagers (moral, obedient, godly). 

So has anyone noticed, besides me, that this faithful, moral, godly group known as Calvary Temple, has an AWFUL LOT of litigation passing through our local county courthouse? Take a day, go there, and type in the names of members of Calvary Temple. You will find numerous restraining orders, foreclosures, unpaid back taxes, divorces and custody battles. All conveniently hushed up with comments like 'You wouldn't understand.'

Then there are the allegations involving marital infidelity of pastors and deacons inside Calvary Temple: pastor divorcing his wife and refusing to pay alimony, child support and leaving the country to hide in Kenya in order to avoid prosecution. Allegation of diamonds being smuggled into the country from Kenya by another associate pastor of Calvary Temple. Concerns from former members about confiscation of church assets of now defunct satellite churches in Maine, Richmond, and even a Spanish satellite in Sterling led by  Pastor Louis Castro, by Star Scott. Resignations of associate pastors and deacons of the church, who refuse to have anything to do with Pastor Star Scott, and are strangely quiet. Some reference of those being made to sign documents by Star Scott, ensuring their silence or suffer repercussions. Again, conveniently hushed up with 'You wouldn't understand.'

Then there is the too numerous articles and news clips regarding Calvary Temples ongoing and previous investigations:

2. In Kenya which caused one Calvary Temple pastor to flee to the U.S (
3. Adult children who were forcibly removed from Calvary Temple and put into deprograming (

We are beginning to understand. 

Let's not forget that protesters stood on the street across from their former church for ONE YEAR on each Sunday morning to warn newcomers and inform current members of what goes on inside Calvary Temple.

Plus the ever present blogs like this one, titled: 

Shocking information about Calvary Temple church, now available to the public, help others search and connect with former church members, who tell stories that are eye opening and eerily similar. Stretching back over the past three decades. Because individuals have spoken out via social media, blogs, news interviews, and street protests, the larger community of No. Virginia and abroad is fore-warned. I think we understand.

And it becomes apparent that this supposedly 'authentic, godly, moral, gospel oriented church', which enjoys quoting from D. Wilkerson, A.W. Tower, H. Taylor, Bridges, and other good ministers, is pretending to be something it REALLY. IS. NOT. Just look at the facts. Out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses, let everything be established, Matthew 18:16. He must have a good report of them which are without 1 Timothy 3:7.

We understand.

Former Calvary Temple Member