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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lies From Calvary Temple

Fresno State or Fresno City College???

This post is primarily directed to current Calvary Temple members. Your pastor has repeatedly lied to you.

As a past member of Calvary Temple, I sat in many services when Star Scott proudly referred to his time at Fresno State. (Below are some quotations from the Calvary Temple website to support my statement). Fresno State is the common name, used on the university's website, for California State University, Fresno. Fresno State is the prestigious university that alumni are proud to call their alma mater. Few however, if any, would brag about their years at FRESNO CITY COLLEGE. Star Scott, though he said he attended Fresno State, did not. He attended a community college. 

Furthermore, did he really have a football scholarship - the "free ride" he often referred to? If he did have a scholarship, it was TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

Here is the bio presumably written by Mr Scott himself: (red emphasis mine)

Pastor Star R. Scott

Senior Pastor at Calvary Temple Church
United States
Religious Institutions

CurrentSenior Pastor at Calvary Temple Church
EducationBerean Bible College & Seminary, Fresno City College, Bethany Bible College
Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. Pastor Scott spent...

The following are quotations from Mr Scott
  • "Fresno State was paying for everything else........" Living in the Supernatural Pt 5 11/24/02
  • "And I was playing football at Fresno State-and I'm good-looking." Two Become One Pt 1 7/5/06
  • "I can still remember pulling up alongside the road there at Fresno State and walking across this one big practice field "  Preferring His Presence Pt 3 6/25/00
  • "and was attending Fresno State...."Faith that Prevails Pt 9 7/8/12
  • "My brother and I went to Fresno State to the football game.....and this guy is sitting there and I asked, 'So are you alumni here?' "Oh yeah; we're alumni." So I said, "Well, I am too."  Faith that Prevails Pt 11 7/11/12
  • "I looked into the newspaper and the University of Nevada was playing Fresno State. He went to Nevada and I went to Fresno."  The Cross Pt 2  2/6/05
  • "I was at California State University, Fresno." Sure Foundation Pt.4 8/13/09
Calvary Temple members, does this concern you? Your pastor deliberately deceived you into thinking he had attended Fresno State. He actually told outright lies, not just once, but many times.

What true man of God would lie to and deceive his "followers"?

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