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Friday, May 29, 2020

Covid-19 and Calvary Temple

These past months have been very stressful as we face a battle against a wicked enemy, Covid 19. In some ways it can be likened to a war-zone, though we are fighting against an enemy we cannot see. As the days pass, we hope and pray for a return to normal.

But there is another war-zone many of us have been in much longer; the fight to to see our families and friends set free from the wicked grasp of Calvary Temple. This battle is not invisible and we cannot take a pill or a vaccine to bring healing. We are not sure if there will ever be a return to normal.
Most of us have families that we can walk with and lean on during these difficult days of "sheltering at home". But what of those that have had their families ripped from them by Calvary Temple and its leadership? They no longer have part or all of their families to comfort them during this pandemic. Many have had their lives destroyed by Star Scott and his followers. Emotional distress. Psychological torment. Physical and sexual abuse. Entire families ripped apart. 
  • Parents who have not seen their daughter in many years and have never met their grandchildren. They have NO contact with them. And yet Star Scott blames them for dividing their own family. 
  • A husband and wife that have not seen their son in 10 years and have never met their two grandchildren. And yet Star Scott blames them
  • A young man who has had to legally fight to see his children and rarely sees his parents. And yet Star Scott blames him.  
  • A mother and father that lost 4 children and 7 grandchildren to a lie. A lie that they are responsible for losing their children, that they are at fault.  
  • A  husband who lost his wife at the direction of CT leadership. And he is blamed.   
  • A young man that was so emotionally battered by Star Scott and his evil cohorts - that to this day is still working to rebuild his life. But he is told he was at fault. 
  • A woman who has lost her daughter and has a grandchild on its way that she may never meet. Yet she is to blame.
  • A daughter who has lost her parents and sisters. She has been condemned by the pastors and her own parents to hell.  
  • A young woman who lost more than can be counted at the hands of those she trusted.
  • Two children (now adults) who have publicly denounced Star Scott for the sexual abuse they endured. Scott blamed the children.
I can look back through the years and name countless other families that suffered great loss at the hand of Star Scott and yet he says THEY are at fault. Every single one. 

Their "sin" is they either left Calvary Temple (for any number of reasons) or they disagreed with, criticized, or asked too many questions about Star Scott. Leaving his kingdom (or being forced out) is the unpardonable sin; your punishment is loss of friends and families.

According to Star Scott, everyone who leaves is in the wrong and Scott is the only one who is right. It has been said repeatedly from the pulpit of CT that there is NEVER a good reason to leave, and if you do, your life will be destroyed.

And here is a very sad thing - most of us KNEW it would happen if we left. It's why many of us stayed for so long. And those inside Calvary Temple know it also. So they stay.

But if you do leave Calvary Temple, Star Scott will make sure that you lose everything and he will say it is YOUR fault. 

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  1. They’re definitely a weird bunch. Visited their first Cars n Coffee this weekend and many of their members seemed off. Came to enjoy some cars not to be bothered by if i want too be saved by god.. Scam!!!