Friday, August 16, 2019

He Said That? Pt. 7 (Forcing "Unity" with Fear and Intimidation)

In a recent message (Body Building Part 1 3-17-19) at Calvary Temple, Star Scott reprimands his followers concerning gossip and strife in the church. It seems many have been running wild with criticizing and accusing one another. He instructs them that it is their own pride that causes them to attack one another and act as though they can police one another.

Listen to his own words as he takes on the persona of the average congregant:

Why can’t I keep my mouth shut? What is it that compels me? Pride, self will, haughtiness, that thinks it’s the end of all truth, that we have to police others, judge others. The scripture tells us if we are going to endeavor to keep this unity, we’re gonna have to come to understand clearly and put a guard over our lips.....

Scott continues...

but we’re gonna have to understand clearly what’s being spoken of here when it talks about Him having placed gifts in our midst, that will see to it that this unity manifests itself, policemen if you please, teachers, prophets, pastors, evangelists, apostles, that are in our midst to remind us of the necessity of harmony and unity.

In order to keep unity, Scott informs the people that the pastors can do exactly what he tells them they cannot do - police one another and judge one another. Among the members of the congregation, policing and judging one another is pride, self-will, and haughtiness. Among the pastors, policing the people is THEIR JOB. As a matter of fact, take note that Scott includes the title of policemen within the list of the "five fold ministry gifts."

Scott recently advised his congregation "You know usually, when we ask a question like that, we try to be like as smart as the lawyers, I’m gonna help some of you, if you ever have done anything wrong and you’re in a meeting with us and we ask you a question, we already know the answer. We don’t ask questions we don’t know the answers to. We're trying to see if you're going to confess." 

...just that one statement - "and you're in a meeting with us and we ask you a question, we already know the answer" - reeks of a man full of his own self-importance, pride, arrogance and disdain for the very people he is supposed to be serving.

So, keeping the "unity" in Calvary Temple appears to require the following:
  1. The pastors are like policemen. But 1 Peter 5:3 speaks of the leaders "not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." 
  2. The pastors are all knowing - when you are called in to a meeting they already know the answers to their questions. How do they know what someone has done? Are they spying on you? But scripture says: 1Kings 8:39 You alone [God] know the hearts of all the sons of men. 
  3. Because they already know the answers to all their questions, the pastors do not need to engage in dialog with you, they are just "trying to see if you will confess".  But John 7:51 says "Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?" Proverbs 18:13 He who answers a matter before he hears it--this is folly and disgrace to him.
  4. Calvary Temple pastors are like lawyers. Scott does not say they try to be as upstanding, honest, and fair-minded as lawyers. No, the implication is they are as calculating, devious, and shrewd as lawyers. "as smart as lawyers".  "We already know the answer...."  We're trying to see if you're going to confess."  
It is a losing proposition to have a meeting with the pastors. (or anyone in leadership). When you walk in you must be ready to be treated like a disobedient child - not speaking a word - admitting your so-called guilt - and leave with your head hung down in shame and remorse.

The bottom line is the pastors have all knowledge and complete control over your lives. If they say come in for a meeting, you are too afraid to say no and even too afraid to defend yourself. You are already judged guilty. The message is always the same - they are in charge, you are to submit. They hold all the power; you are insignificant, irrelevant, and most definitely guilty.

Galatians 2:4 This issue arose because some false brothers had come in under false pretenses to spy on our freedom in Christ Jesus, in order to enslave us.

Calvary Temple, you have been enslaved. 

Jer 23:11    An appalling and horrible thing has happened....the prophets prophesy falsely, and rule on their own authority, and my people love it so!

Star Scott has systematically stripped Calvary Temple members the ability and blessing of hearing from God for themselves and their families. He has placed himself as the one to hear from God, and like Moses, come down from the mountain and speak to the people. And the people are expected to consider it the word of the Lord and obey Scott's directives.

But God has something different for the believer in Jesus Christ. He expects us to seek God daily for His provision, to know the word of God for ourselves, and to be led by His Holy Spirit. The role of the 5 fold ministry is to equip the saints, not lord it over them.  Adult men are priests of their own households, women are helpmeets to their own husbands. Children are under the care and admonition of their own parents.

Men and women of Calvary Temple, stop giving control of your lives and households to the leadership. Stop being treated like children that are too "stupid to come out of the rain". (Yes, Star Scott has said that about you.) Star Scott is not a policeman, he is not a lawyer, he is not Moses, he is not the High Priest, he is not the Holy Spirit, he is not your God. And sadly, he is not your pastor.

Matthew 7:15   Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

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