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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Please Leave

For those inside and outside of Calvary Temple, the last couple of days have been tumultuous. I can imagine the emotions that those in CT are all experiencing. But I hope you have questions. I remember years ago during the big split of the 1980s, I kept saying  "is there anything to this? are the rumors true?" There were stories of pastoral sexual abuse, mismanagement of funds, and cover-ups of sinful actions. Even though well-respected friends and leaders left, I stayed. Had my family and I left, we would have been saved much heartache and would still be together.

My purpose in writing this letter is to encourage you to pay attention to what you are hearing. Not only did the abuse happen to children in the church (either by their family or other church members), it was covered up by the leadership of Calvary Temple.  People in positions of authority should have protected the children, instead they betrayed them. Children told their stories and were not heard.

In addition to the abusive situations, the sin of families being divided is heartbreaking. This ought not to be. Those of  you with children, God has given them to you to raise.  Do not allow others to make decisions for you concerning your children.  Leave now before they are deemed unsaved, rebellious, or reprobate.  You will lose them and give up your God-given right to sow into their lives. If you have older children or teenagers, please leave before they are married - it will be that much more impossible to leave when you know you will lose your children and grandchildren. Please, I would urge you to leave now while you can. Calvary Temple is being judged; by the community, the authorities, and most importantly, by God. Husbands and fathers, please protect your family and insist that you all leave right now. Reunite with family members and other Christians.

We are not your enemy. This battle is not about hatred for a man or a group of people. We only want to see you free. If you leave and never talk to any of us, that's fine. But if  you need someone, you know who you can call.

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