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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Guest Post

The following was received from an anonymous reader:

Why do the people of Calvary hide from the truth? Why do they repeat gossip they have heard from the pastors without talking directly to the individuals involved? Why can a pastor say someone is in sin and has lied and so their family can be taken away, but the same idea does not exist for themselves. If they sin and someone accuses them of lying, do they have their families taken away? Plenty of people have been saying Pastor Scott has sinned and lied. Why is his wife and family not taken away from him? If that is even the godly thing to do? Double standards? Are pastors untouchable, like God himself? No.They are just men, to be judged at a higher standard of conduct because of the position of trust they occupy. To be watched closely and expected to be above blame and reproach, within and without the Church. Pastor Scott and his pastors have obviously failed that simple test. They have become a reproach to all that is pure and good and honorable and holy. The innuendo and intrigue surrounding Calvary Temple has God-fearing people stunned. And some are getting fed up with it.  Righteously angry.  Ready to do something, alongside the praying they have been doing for years.

Whether Pastor Scott is guilty of the open allegations exposed by men of integrity via their articles on their blogs, is something outside pastors should investigate. Obviously the pastors inside Calvary are compromised, because Pastor Scott holds their homes, and paychecks, and ultimately their wives and reputations in his hands. As he has destroyed so many people already, he undoubtedly will try to defame them IF they speak publicly. Pastor Richard Miller is a case in point. He left Calvary Temple saying he could no longer support what Pastor Scott was doing. He was marked a heretic, and refused to be allowed to see his son and his grandchildren. Months later, after a meeting set up by his son [a pastor under Pastor Scott himself], he says he has agreed to disagree with Pastor Scott, while Pastor Scott announces in Calvary Temple that Pastor Miller 'repented'. This is a statement that Pastor Miller denied empatically, that he had nothing to repent of and it was not true. He expressed this sentiment with several individuals. However, he would not call Pastor Scott out on such a blatant lie, and was restored to fellowship with his son and grandchildren. Something smells fishy here.  Months later, an anonymous tip came in via Calvary Temple member, that Pastor Miller's legal representative was hired and paid for by Pastor Scott regarding the IRS investigation into Calvary Temple.

Hmmmm, not just fishy, more like a bunch of dead fish.

-anonymous reader-


  1. I'm with you! That whole place smells. I can't believe how small the world is and the people I have met that work with these people in ct or are their neighbors or go to chick filet and are around them , Everyone has said "they do not believe that they are Christians " they do not act like a Christian nor do they talk like a Christian if you are really listening to what they are saying.
    Very sad , that they have made themselves an entity to themselves and compare themselves by themselves which is why they cannot see the truth .
    Some got to see this the other night at the chick filet where Greer was talking to someone to promote their car show . Someone came up and told the people they were under investigation for child sex abuse and she said "no they were not" and then this person told them how their child was in there and haven't talked to them in years and how they haven't met their grandchildren and Greer said " he never went there " this person had been there for over 30 years. Obviously Greer doesn't believe Gods word where All liars will end up in the lake of fire , so she just appears religious but, she does not know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour . This is what kind of people are at ct and they will do anything to get new recruits in there. . They are not a true church but a place that breeds Hatred and bitterness against all who confront them with the truth. They are a reproach .

  2. Please check out my blog at Discerning-this-time and exposing Star Scott and Calvary Temple. They messed with my mind too!

  3. what area churches should someone consider when they leave calvary?

    1. Well we were at Calvary temple for over 25 years a and when we left, I wanted to go to the church that star Scott has talked the worst about.
      So we left and went to cornerstone chapel.
      One thing I will say is, that the Lord Jesus showed me that there is no perfect church. I believe that is because He wants us to keep our eyes on Him and Him alone. We have been there for 7 years.
      What I do love is how they teach through the bible . No matter where we go in the bible it speaks of Jesus and meets our needs. What I have learned is that context is everything and Calvary temple teaches everything out of context. I thank God everyday for opening my eyes and my family to the truth. I still have one son in there , who hasn't talked to any of us in 7 years . God will lead you to the right place, to where he wants you to go and it might be a season. Trust Him For Everything!

  4. My initial response was going to be anywhere would be better than CT, but I would NOT recommend Westgate Chapel where Richard Muller is pastor, NOR any of the churches affiliated with Sovereign Grace Ministries. All of these would be in my opinion like jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. Wherever you choose to go, do your homework, research them!

  5. I agree with "Astonished" your research. If anyone types in "Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA" he or she will see a slew of negative information regarding Calvary Temple and Star R Scot...a.k.a. Bob Scott. Like Astonished, I would stay away from Sovereign Grace ministries (they have churches all over the U.S.A.) and most definitely stay away from CT satellite churches, that include Westgate Chapel (Richard Miller is a former CT pastor)...there are plenty of good churches in Northern your homework! Cornerstone, as mentioned by "Concerned for Souls" is a good place, as well as the Nazarene churches in the area. Bottom line? Trust God!