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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Calvary Temple vs Scientology

At first glance there appears to be nothing in common between Scientology and Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA. On the surface, this would be true. Calvary Temple is a church claiming to be based on the Bible, while Scientology is a church based on the claims of a science fiction writer. However, in light of the recent A&E documentary "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath", similarities become more evident. The doctrine may be different but their deeds are much the same.

For those of us who were once part of Calvary Temple, this documentary hits very close to home. In fact, in many instances we could have just inserted the name Calvary Temple and it would have been called "Calvary Temple Survivors and the Aftermath."  I daresay some of us could feel shivers up and down our spines as we listened to ex-scientologists tell their stories of abuse at the hands of their leaders.

And that brings me to a question: I wonder if current members of Calvary Temple can read the following quotes and determine if they were spoken by CT members (current or past) or ex-scientologists.  (both "churches" are represented.)

"Being critical of the church would put family relationships at risk."

"I was towing the line because I didn't want to lose my family."

"It's like an automatic understanding that if you buck the system, this (losing family members or friends) is what will happen."

"She was a mother who stayed so her child wouldn't turn against her."

"I knew if I complained about the time I had to devote, I would be reported to leadership."

"There was a husband who would not even speak of his questions to his wife for fear of her turning against him. Even divorcing him."

"He had total control of the money, and when told to give more, we all gave more."

"The church offers no financial transparency whatsoever to its members or the public."

"Many former members have not spoken to family members since they left. Some for many years."

"There is simply no proper way to leave."

“anyone who speaks out against the church is seen as an enemy,”

"the church breaks up families and friendships."

"The leader of the church is always right and members are always wrong in any dispute."

"Those who question and leave are subversive ones."

"Leaving the church meant leaving family and friends behind."

"Many that should be in jail are not. Why? Financial settlements."

"I couldn’t leave or I would lose my husband and my children"

"anything serious that goes on is handled internally"

"Families were discouraged and prevented from seeing each other."

"Our time was not our own, we had to be at the church nearly every day."

"We were forced to "confess" our trespasses."

"speaking against the church, even when it is true, is wrong."

"an atmosphere of fear is created to prevent us from talking."

This is a small sampling of commonality between the two "churches". As stated before, both Calvary Temple and Church of Scientology are represented. It should cause concern with members of Calvary Temple that it is very difficult to tell the difference.

Please, do your own research about abusive, authoritarian churches. If you find yourself hesitant to examine if Calvary Temple is an abusive church, you will know you have a problem. No individual should be reluctant to seek out the truth.  Jesus said the truth will set you free.