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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Guest Post

To members of Calvary Temple

You need to shake yourselves and wake up!

Do you realize the false teaching you are sitting under? I heard part of your Christmas Day teaching.

Of course Star Scott was predictable as always. First things first, Bob must ridicule all other churches that didn't have a service on Christmas day. I guess CT hasn't figured out that it's not the day, we are to honor God every day. But you have hate in your hearts and are so arrogant to think of yourselves more highly than you ought. Other churches honored God by worshiping Jesus on Christmas Eve, why do you feel you can stand in judgment based on your own traditions? (Other churches could criticize you for not worshipping Jesus on Christmas Eve, but they are too busy worshipping Jesus and reaching the lost.)

Which brings me to the Christmas Day service. Your teaching literally made me sick to my stomach. The following is a quote from your pastor:

"This birth, this virgin birth, amen? Hallelujah! We recite it in our Christmas plays, our little children know the verses. But what an ingenious, miraculous occurrence took place on that day that Mary conceived, amen? think about it. God's great redemptive plan of man, in one man, Adam, all men died. as humanity passed on that sin nature, but the scripture is very clear in telling us that in this ingenious plan God invaded humanity through that little young lady Mary...  Would to God that we would have some of our young ladies that same age, and we are not sure how old Mary was, but she would have been somewhere probably between 14 and 16 years old. That would rise up and regardless of what the natural perception of the world would be say be it unto me according to your will, amen? there are young ladies in here that can know that call of God in this hour. and know that same Holy Spirit that could come and indwell them and though it wouldn't be a child that would be conceived within them it would be that experience of the new creation. They would become a new being, amen? (if you want to hear just this portion - and believe me, you should hear it from his own mouth, start at approximately 8:26)

This should have all of you (in and out of Calvary Temple) very alarmed. It is one thing to teach on the Virgin Birth (a ONE time occurrence in the history of man), and Mary's special mission of God. It is another thing to relate it to the other 14-16 yr old girls sitting in the congregation. If I were a parent in CT, I would take my daughter and run far away. Bob, you can say all you want that you are speaking of spiritual indwelling only, but it is frightening to talk of young girls being "spiritual enough" to stand up and "know that call of God in this hour". ...regardless of what the natural perception of the world would be.... First thought? Who do you have your eye on now, Bob? Or who wants a wife among the 14 or 16 year old girls? Or is it that she is 17 or 18, and the parents need a push to sacrifice their daughter? Is there one among the men that you are trying to appease because he wants a young wife? Is this young girl about to be told she would be answering the call of God on her life just like Mary? Will you be referencing the "for such a time as this" verse?

Calvary Temple members, you must always be aware that the words you are hearing are not always the entire message. You need to listen and understand what is REALLY being communicated. Pedophiles and other abusers are adept at sending a message beyond the obvious words being spoken.

Parents - WAKE UP!!!

Let me ask the members of Calvary Temple this: Suppose a pastor in a church in northern Virginia had molested children for 3 years? And then fled the church when it was discovered? Would you be troubled that he had never answered to a court of law for his felony crimes? How would you feel if you were never told of this pastor's despicable sin? Suppose this pastor kept it hidden from his new congregation, would this bother you? Do you think you might warn others about attending his new church? Or would you give him a pass like you have done your own? And if you warned others, would you now be divisive, enemies, and irredeemable, going to hell? Would you be the bad guy because you want to protect your children and honor the word of God?

Do you think you might be troubled by this same pastor referencing young girls in the manner of this teaching?

Parents, you will be standing before to God to answer for how you protect your children. Let me remind you: Bob teaches that the proper order is: God (Bob, because he is his "mouthpiece") the pastor (again, Bob), the deacons, (let's be real here - Bob), the captains, (well, you know) the kids, then maybe the parents. But God's true order is: God, spouse, family, church. Guess what, Bob is not in there at all. Run, people, run!

The nail scarred hands are not Bob's hands. He did not die for you. But he wants you to die for him. If only you could see what everyone around here sees. Your church is a fake church. Oh, you have some truth and you have some sincere members. But your leadership is corrupt, lying, false, money hungry, power hungry, and they have covered up abuse for years. Abuse has happened right under your noses, and you are refusing to see it.

Run for your lives...for your daughter's lives!

(Oh, and one last thought: how many people will be "out of town" on Super Bowl Sunday? You hypocrites. And whoever fills the pulpit that day will not dare criticize Bob for being on vacation, taking his much needed rest, once again. On Super Bowl Sunday. Unless,of course, his team is not in the game. Then he can stay back and mock those who are not in attendance.)