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Thursday, August 21, 2014


I think one of the hardest things is to acknowledge that we have been deceived.  We are by and large, people of the Word.  We love God, and desire to please him.  It is unnerving to think we were wrong in trusting Pastor Scott and the leaders of Calvary Temple.

For myself, peace came when I read the verse about perilous times that would come. Scriptures tells us that unless those days were shortened even the very elect would be deceived. No doubt we are in those days, and when God revealed the lies and deception in Calvary Temple, I could either close my eyes and call evil good, or I could acknowledge the truth and say I had trusted a bad man, who pretended to be good. And he is very good at pretending. And I was the epitome of blind loyalty.  God never gives up on warning us though, and in His love and mercy, He rescues His sheep when caught in snares of the devil.

There is a false sense of calm promoted by many who've left Calvary Temple in the past. That "God will deal with it, just forget the bad and move on with your life" mentality, which is part of the reason the church is still destroying lives. The sheer complexity of the deception in a relatively small church, has provoked many to exhaustion, if not downright apathy.

But if we are children of God and we are not standing for the Truth in every area of our lives, including our association with Calvary Temple of Sterling, Virginia....then I guess we have become a light with a basket covering us, or salt that has lost its savour.  To borrow a quote from Ann Coulter "'s Christians are aces at sacrifice, great at serving others, but strangely timid for those who have been given eternal life."  We need to be honest with ourselves first, and then with others.  And then take the basket off our light, and burn brightly for Jesus' sake.  It was the Pharisees who hated Jesus, the Romans didn't give a rip either way...and Jesus told us, if they hated him, they would also hate us.  So what if Pastor Scott hates us for speaking the truth about his church.  We ought to please God and not men.

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