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Friday, September 19, 2014

A comment on Against Calvary Temple

A recent post on Against Calvary Temple has brought a lot of reaction in the form of reader comments.  One comment in particular was very thought provoking.  I am reposting it here with the permission of the writer.

September 18, 2014 at 11:13 pm

TimeToSpeakOut says:

A recent post on Tactics of Calvary Temple: “Pastor says that we are under attack. The warfare is from rebels…”.  

Reading that quote, you scratch your head and wonder how someone with his incredible hidden past can say that. You say to yourself; “It does not make sense. How can he say that and sleep at night. There is no logic to that statement”.

There actually is logic to the above quote. This is how you hide your sin, control people and get their money. You see the same methods in politics and other movements.

If Star Scott can build a following by criticizing and lying about other people and churches, can we not point out truth and bring his “sins to the light” (his phrase)? Are we rebels because we wish to free families and friends who are unaware of the magnitude of his sin and how much he lied to keep it hidden?

We are not attacking the people of CT. Myself and others are simply communicating the mountains of evidence that show how much he has lied to us. The facts show fruit of him lying from the very beginning and continuing to lie all these years to the present day. The facts are not attacking him but revealing what he has done. They are revealing incredibly bad fruit. And the longevity of these horrible sins reveals who Starr Scott is. We are just the messenger showing people what he has done and how he has done it. We are revealing the methods he uses that are necessary to hide his sin while achieving money and power.

I believe Starr Scott is trying to turn our effort to communicate facts into an attack on an entire congregation. This causes anger to rise up in them further affecting their ability to weigh those facts and make thoughtful and thorough conclusions. He is simply manufacturing a different recipe of “Kool-Aid” designed to shut your brain down whenever these topics are discussed.

I recently received the cover page of a Police Report given by the Herndon Police to someone who left CT. The names were redacted because the two victims were under age.

• Crime: Sex Offenses-Forcible Sodomy 11b
• Date: 1973
• Address: 900 Crestview Dr, Herndon Virginia. Site of the First Assembly of God Church in Herndon in 1973.
• Date Reported: 3/19/2008

This event is what Star Scott II spoke of in his email revealing his father’s sin. It is the event that occurred in Virginia when at least one of the young girls from California visited. Could this be what he was speaking of when he said “It was adultery. It happened once. It was a long time ago. It was in a different church. It was dealt with.”? He has told us the best way to lie is to tell half the truth.
The method is a not so clever way to admit a little while hiding the prior three years. Those who trusted him and did not read the email were tricked into believing a lie. It still amazes me to know many deacons and congregants knew what he was doing and stayed silent.

The Date Reported is three weeks before Starr II sent his email.

Young adults and older adults, the facts are overwhelming. It is time to examine and understand what they have done and are still doing. Look around you. Do not be deceived by perceived happy faces. I know you are hurting and afraid. Do not be afraid. Be honest to your heart and follow the Lord. Do you really believe God would call thousands of people to be controlled by someone who has done these horrible things and other sins you do not yet know about? Do you really believe the stories of molestations by other leaders were made up because Star Scott makes a “stand for the word”? There is so much you do not yet know about.

Seek God with an honest heart open to being wrong. He will show you what they have done. You will be amazed at how wonderful life in Christ outside of Calvary Temple is. You will be amazed as God restores your families and brings true peace to your heart.

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