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Friday, January 30, 2015

You Can't Have it Both Ways: Update

In the early part of September I wrote a column called "You Can't Have it Both Ways." It spoke of a recent change in Calvary Temple's doctrine concerning proselytizing members of other local churches. Mr Scott mentioned that members of McLean Bible Church could benefit from members of Calvary Temple "rolling in and preaching the word" to them as it is not readily evident that they are Christians. I suggested that members of CT might want to listen to some of the teachings posted on the McLean Bible Church website or possibly attend a few services to learn for themselves if MBC is in need of their admirable example .

Lon Solomon has had a reputation as a solid bible teacher with a history of ministry to the local community as well as to the members of MBC. In addition, the church has a strong outreach program along with a powerful missions program. A quick read of Pastor Solomon's bio will leave you impressed. I'm guessing that years of church growth, an outstanding reputation in the community, and countless testimonies of changed lives speak for the move of God in his own life and that of the church. Since leaving Calvary Temple, I have had opportunity to fellowship with members of McLean Bible Church and find them to be fine examples of followers of Jesus Christ - many "on fire for the Lord". Evidently however, I and thousands of believers that call MBC their home have been incorrect. Apparently Star Scott has had opportunity to speak with ONE young man that is a "professed believer but really struggling". His conversations with this young man seemingly indicated there was much lacking in the ministry of Lon Solomon. In subsequent conversations with this young man, he related a story of Pastor Solomon preaching in a way that appeared he is now "on fire for the Lord" and had a rebuke for some people leaving the service early: "sit down, I'm not through talking yet!" Scott'ss response: "Now if you know his pastor you know that's different. God's doing something in that ministry!""Hallelujah! Pray for him!" So according to Star Scott and this young man (who was struggling with his walk and nearly backslidden )- Lon Solomon has changed!!!! I'm sure the members of MBC will be happy to hear that their pastor is "different" and that Star Scott has given Pastor Solomon his stamp of approval.

A few questions:
  1. Is Star Scott so familiar with Lon Soloman's spiritual state that he is able to state unequivocally that he KNOWS he needed to change, there has now been a change, and he is now on fire for the Lord?
  2. Is it likely that a young man who is struggling with his spiritual walk and possibly backslidden a good gauge for whether the pastor is "on fire" or not? Is it possible that all that time he was nearly backslidden he was not hearing the good word being preached? In his nearly backslidden state, how would he have known?
  3. So now the really important question: Is it possible that Scott felt a little "busted" that he was once again found falsely criticizing a servant of the Lord and realized his error? (If you are going to criticize another pastor, you better have done your homework and have some actual proof. Like actual quotes and a history of bad fruit). Now he has to do some damage control. What better way than to pronounce Lon Solomon a changed man and Scott the one that can pronounce it from his own superior position.
  4. Are you thinking of leaving Calvary Temple? You can now consider McLean Bible a good place to go - Star Scott says so.  

Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, and before honor is humility (Prov. 18:12)

They measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. (2 Cor. 10:12)


  1. Here in Buffalo N.Y. we have a mega church who has a Pastor that preaches a pretty solid Biblical message today. But not long ago (actually 3 years ago) he was caught up in marketing techniques to build his church. The Church would send out mass mailers asking unbelievers what they would like in a church and then they would build the church around what the unbelievers wanted. Truth was sacrificed for unity and carnal means were used to keep carnal people attending the church. Big rock bands and dry ice along with all sorts of eye candy were and sadly still are used to entertain the large crowd. Now the Pastor of that Church has a great background as a "solid Bible teacher" unfortunately for many years he compromised Biblical means with carnal means to build numbers in his Church. Now today he is preaching a strong message and the masses are slowly starting to exit the building (which is a true sign of one preaching a Christ centered , cross carrying, eternal minded message). Lets see if they will take away the eye candy (the smoke and noise) and see who hangs around then. When Church becomes Church and not an entertainment center then you will see who is real and who is there for the entertainment. I have seen the change here in NY in the mega church here and I don't doubt that the same type of thing has happened there. In conclusion "Bob" (Pastor Scott) probably was right on in his assessment but again I don't know anything about MBC.
    Don Reed

    1. Don Reed
      Are you kidding with what you just said about Bob Scott right in his assessments. You are just as deceived as they are in there.
      What part of the scriptures don't you get that when you molested those children while you were in bible college, there is a good chance he was not truly born again and has and is continuing to merchandise the flock of God. He should never be standing in any oulpit. If you think like that, I hope you are not standing in any pulpit. You sound like from the same spirit of anti Christ like Bob. Very sad, who are you protecting?

  2. What I don't understand is how, every invitation that was presented for "Pastor" Scott to meet with other Pastors in the area, he has pushed aside. Why do I need to meet with them? With the belief the other churces are more carnal and secular...with the impression of superiority it would make sense. How then can you judge other men of god if you don't know them. If your meetings are within your own household and counsel is can you judge based upon their fruit when you are not fellowshipping with them? Nor choose to listen to their teachings because they are beneath yours?