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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hypocrites and Calvary Temple

A thought on Hypocrites-

I recently read an article that was quite insightful. On the topic of hypocrites (and psychopaths). Star Scott once laughingly shared from the pulpit that when the IRS was investigating him, they assessed him as a psychopathic narcissist. He almost sounded proud of the label. So when I came across this enlightening article on hypocrites and the people they target, naturally my mind went back to Pastor Scott and his statement about himself.

So I would like to share the link, for all of us out there that have been wounded by Pastor Star R. Scott of Calvary Temple Virginia, and the rest of his leadership. I especially like the section on the types of people they target. Not idiots, or bad people. But the truly good people. It's almost as though he is trying to rid the world around him of the exceptional Christians, in order to make himself appear the best God's got to offer. Creepy but worth the read. God bless.

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