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Friday, August 10, 2018

Letter to Tactics of Calvary Temple

To the Readers of Leaving Calvary Temple,

I received this letter today and was asked to post it on this blog. Here it is - unedited - 

To Tactics of Calvary Temple,

How are you? I attended Calvary Temple in Sterling Virginia for a number of years, and awhile back wrote you on your comments section of your blog. For the first time. Out of concern that you are discouraged or not well, because I missed your regular posts. You seemed to have stopped writing on your blog, and well, I love reading it. I miss it. And have learned a great deal from your insights. You confirmed that Pastor Scott was a liar plain and simple. That it was more his expertise in taking full advantage of me, than my own stupidity that led me there. You gave me hope and actually made me more active in speaking out against the crap they put out on so many of us that have left. 

Just saying Tactics, that I wish you would not stop. If you are tired, or feeling like why bother, or it doesn’t matter, don’t you believe it. A bunch of us were talking the other day about how much we love your blog. I will link it here.

I don’t know how to talk to you, perhaps you have been found out and silenced by Star Scott. I hope not. But if you can still write, keep on keeping on. We need your information and perspective. That said, thank you for all you have written in the past several years. Great job.

A former member of Calvary Temple

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